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1/35 Dragon Panther with zimmeritt

February 22, 2017 in Armor

Another tank from our last club meeting; Dragons 1/35 Panther with zimmeritt. I can’t remember which Ausf it is but it could be a G or H.
Nicely detailed with the anti-magnetic zimmeritt applied.

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4 responses to 1/35 Dragon Panther with zimmeritt

  1. I really like this one !!!!!!!!!! I think it’s a Panther “A” or a very late “D” model, (which actually went in service before the “A” did).

  2. If you say so Louis….all I DO know is that it’s a Panther 🙂

  3. Can’t miss that Panther “look”. Sorta squarish. But deadly. The zimmerit is molded onto the kit? Nicely built and painted and weathered.
    Gary, I like them all!

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