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AFV Club 1/35 Australian Centurion Mk.V/1 Vietnam

February 7, 2017 in Armor

Aussie Centurion from the Vietnam days – A lovely build with no problems whatsoever.
I really enjoyed building & researching this one!

2 additional images. Click to enlarge

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6 responses to AFV Club 1/35 Australian Centurion Mk.V/1 Vietnam

  1. Hi Gary,
    This is new to me. Was this tank used in battle or more a show down
    in Saigon?
    It looks impressive without the sides.
    Weathering is well done, just right for the area of operations.

  2. The Australians used the Centurion in battle in Vietnam for a number of years Dirk. They are well documented on the ‘web and this particular kit made note of Australias contribution to the war in Vietnam specifically.
    Cheers mate.

  3. Your weathering techniques are top-notch, sir.

  4. Another very realistic achievement.

  5. Nice! and an unusual subject.

  6. Looks real good! I’m really keen to build this also. Is actually quite a large monster compared to the Pattons used by the U.S. troops.

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