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BAE Systems Hawk 51, HW302, Jaska 4, Finnish Air Force Kauhava 1990.

February 21, 2017 in Aviation

1/72 Italeri, almost OOB, finished in MM enamels with Future and MM 20000 acrylic over kit decals.

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18 responses to BAE Systems Hawk 51, HW302, Jaska 4, Finnish Air Force Kauhava 1990.

  1. What? You mean to tell us you didn’t “modify a few things”…? LOL
    Seriously though, I like it….nice lookin’ build, Allan – along with great photos as well.

  2. Nice Allan, I had to take a 2nd look, when I noticed it was 1/72. Very attractive paint scheme. Good work all around !

  3. Nice work Allan, and something other than Aussie decals to boot! Nimble looking little thing, isn’t it?!

    It looks nice in those Finnish colors.

  4. Greg, the RAF used them as a second line fighter, with sidewinders, no less, and a centerline gun pod. “Shadow squadrons” drawn for the training establishment, OCUs (if that’s what they’re called nowadays) The Red Arrows flew them, too. Canadians use them as “lead in” fighter trainers. Those look even sleeker. Quite a success story.

  5. Tamiya did a “limited edition” 1/48 version in Swiss colours which looks very pretty. It’s such a great looking plane, looks good in any colour scheme, including this one.

  6. Beautiful work ! I think another user is the USN, replacing the TA-4 as a trainer.

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