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Friday Briefing

February 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

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7 responses to Friday Briefing

  1. So that’s what their building at Newport News.

  2. A lot of nice ones this week Rob. I’m split between the photo of the Waddy’s Wagon crew recreating the nose art or the young and old split screen on the transport. The lady flier is very attractive! Russian I think? If I recall correctly the Russians had an all female recce squadron flying Po-2s during WWII. Maybe she was one of them?

  3. Outstanding set of photos as always, Rob….re that P-38 shot from above – did anyone notice that the invasion stripes on the wings are canted inwards rather than aligned with the horizontal twin booms? And that F-102 roof display…I don’t know what they used for a nose section, but it ain’t an F-102 (?). Finally, what an amazing testament to the ruggedness of an A-10..!! Thanks for continuing “Friday briefings”, Rob. Great stuff.

  4. I love the small dog into the compressor filter of the 109. Take a number is also fantastic.

  5. Hello Rob,
    Thanks again for sharing. The one from Robin Ods made the most impression. I think the middel finger was for McNamara.
    Keep them coming Rob.
    Greetz, Dirk The Netherlands.

  6. Dirk, a lot of us who were in the RVN had no love for McNamera and his whiz kids. I’d have loved to give that boy a rifle and taken him for a little walk thru the paddies in my old neighborhood. With your basic combat load. No computers here, Bobbie! Oh, that, just a MORTAR! GET DOWN!

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