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My New Workbench

February 27, 2017 in News

After 20 years, finally I have a new workbench, expect to create new models in this place

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16 responses to My New Workbench

  1. Nice setup…now ya gotta “dirty it up” and make it UN-organized so it LOOKS like a ‘work bench’. LOL

  2. I see you like ships! Those carriers are awesome, Anthony! Music, too. Better keep you cats (that make your house a home) out of this room, though – at least until it (they) understand NOT to jump up on things! Very nice. I agree with Craig – now you need to “dirty it up” some. Gives it that “lived-in and loved” look!

  3. Looks neat, what’s going to be the first model to be completed off this nice new bench?

  4. Looks like a great space for inspiration! Looking forward to seeing what comes out of it…

  5. Well you got yourself a new bench.
    Looks like its time for some serious modelling .

  6. I’m envious, looks nice, is that the old Saratoga in photo 1 ?

  7. I like it! It’s important to have such an “escape capsule” as a modeler. Good luck with it and happy modelling Anthony!

  8. Love to see others work areas. Mine is buried under paint bottles and tools

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