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Revell 1/48 F-84E Thunderjet

February 6, 2017 in Aviation

One of Colonel George Lavens F-84Es from his time in charge over in Europe with the 527th FBS, 86th FBG, USAF .
Decal sheet is by Aeromaster and kit straight OOB otherwise.
Very colourful paint job and a lovely kit to build!

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15 responses to Revell 1/48 F-84E Thunderjet

  1. Nice model work Gary…..very colorful.

  2. Those checkered areas turned quite nicely. I like it.

  3. Nice build, another MONOGRAM classic. Sorry, I haven’t ever gotten over the merger 🙂 Beautiful build of a classic jet!

  4. Another very nice build – love the old early-jet-age warriors.

  5. Col. Laven always had these plain, understated airplanes he flew. Good grief! Wouldn’t want to stick out, would we?
    Hey, if i had his rep, I’d do ditto.

  6. I did like how Monogram marketed a G, but gave you parts (frameless canopy, no aux engine inlet and both types of airbrake) to do an E model! I like the markings! is this sheet still available?

    • Hi Josh, this sheet (AMD48609) IS still available along with AMD48608 (for Col. Lavens actual jet itself) from Hannants in the UK.
      I was surprised at that as Aeromaster are long gone now – Good luck mate!

  7. Hi Gary,
    Excellent finish.
    You wont miss this one on the table, due to its magnificent color scheme.
    Regards, Dirk

  8. Outstanding build!! One of my favorite subjects.

    Luv looking at pretty models.

  9. I’ll bet the checkerboard decals were fun. I have always had a hard time adding them to compound curved areas. Looks like you were very successful. Looks great !!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Louis, the tank chequers came in strips which you lay down and Microset/Microsol until they’ve laid down nicely. The idea is that the next strip is laid under the top one, the instructions are quite precise!…. after 4 strips per side you get what you see in the pics – Simples!
      Cheers mate!

  10. Thanks for all the fantastic comments guys, I have done the Pro-Modeller F-84G and it’s the same kit with a diffo air-brake and the 2 cheek inlets. The fuselage is ever so slightly longer also – in the fin area for the -G bird – Photos soon.

  11. colorful. nice build

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