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Battlestar Galactica, Revell

March 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hello there! Asked me to collect here such a fantastic space ship. It’s Battlestar Galactica. The kit from Revell. Please look at what came out of it ))

11 additional images. Click to enlarge

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11 responses to Battlestar Galactica, Revell

  1. Not a sci-fi guy, but this looks good….nice work.

  2. Great choice of subject. Would like to see more of similar projects.

  3. Great work. I remember the original show from the seventies.

  4. Friends, thank you! This topic is not mine. But asked to assemble this ship. And that’s what happened ))

  5. I’m not a sci-fi guy either, but it does look good!

  6. Very nice model…..and the LED ilumination , fantastic..congrats Dmitry.

  7. Yeah! All Cylons should be very careful when entering your room 🙂
    Nice work, looks like “real”.

  8. This is fracking brilliant. Great work!

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