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iModeler January’s award

March 16, 2017 in News

It is finally here! It was my 2nd winning award at iModeler and complet surprise for me, so you can imagine how happy still I am.
Although the delivery was not easy this time, the price finaly got the right address and I am very proud to present you that as my next build, which you will enjoy very soon – I promise, no excuses! 🙂
Let me say BIG thank you all guys and girls once more, you are truly amazing community around iModeler and I always feel very comfortable and getting positive energy here.
And my another BIG thank you goes to my wife that supports me every day a lot – she has not built anything yet, but I am thinking of finding something easy for start 🙂

I wish you all many nice builds bringing you a lot of pleasure and fun.


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13 responses to iModeler January’s award

  1. Nice choice of kits, Martin….a really nice one – you’ll like it a lot. I see you have an affinity for Phantoms as well (my favorite, too). Congratulations!

  2. Looks like you are going to be busy Martin.
    Nice choice too.
    Good to hear that your good lady supports your , so does mine.
    She actually builds as well.

  3. So glad to see that the parcel has arrived safely! Cool photo, too 🙂

  4. Nice choice,have fun with the build.

  5. Congrats Martin !!!!! Nice F-4 by the way…………..

  6. Congratulations! You can never have enough A-4s!

  7. Congrats, Martin! Well deserved Sir!!

  8. I look forward to seeing it built!

  9. Congratulations. As mentioned above, well deserved.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  10. Well deserved. Congratulations Martin

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