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LaGG-3 in winter colors (Roden 1/72)

March 4, 2017 in Aviation

Winter LaGG-3 series 35 in 1/72 scale. Original kit by Toko, produced by Roden nowadays. This is an old kit back from the late 90s. The kit quality is far, far from good – it took me two months to get it done. Completely not suitable as a kit for a stress-less weekend build.

I had some PE parts for LaGG-3 but that parts were for another kit of another manufacturer, so I’ve used only some of them (and mostly for the interior), like wheel bay doors.

Some parts were made from scratch, like all radiator air exit flaps – original parts were too thick.

The model was painted mostly with AKAN and Vallejo paints. Winter temporary white was made using MIG Washable White paint, which was designed exactly for creating such effects. All other weathering was made mostly with Vallejo washes and pigments with a small addition of oils.

Painting scheme represents an aircraft of the soviet ace captain S. Lvov during the winter of 1943. He was fighting on a Baltic Sea.

Thank you for watching!

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27 responses to LaGG-3 in winter colors (Roden 1/72)

  1. Nice work Dmitry! Very realistic weathering of the white wash. That’s a crude little kit and you made it shine.

  2. Nice job as always, sir….and I still want one of those lighters (you can keep the candle holders) 🙂

    • @craigindaytona Thanks Craig! This lighter is something special… Actually it’s a standard Zippo but with a custom engraving. My friends made this picture – MiG-15 with text, and found a guy who did this engraving, and then presented it to me on my birthday. From that time it appears on my photos.

  3. Interesting model Dmitry, well done.

  4. VERY well done, Dimitry! A very interesting paint job.

  5. Love it! I’ve been noodling how to achieve a similar winter wash effect via brush painting, mostly thinking about what mediums to use and how to get the proper transparent look as it begins to fade/wash off over time. I’d love to end up with something that looks like this – nicely realistic.

  6. The LaGG might have been a dog of a fighter, but it sure looked good doing it. Love the shapes on it, pointy nose to high back tail. Can’t believe that’s a Toko, you really beat it into submission. Great work.

  7. Great job ! Love the’ Zippo’.

  8. Dmitry, thanks for the tip about the MIG paint. Must have missed that one!
    The “Guaranteed varnished coffin” deserves to be built, such a sleek aircraft! I’m glad there’s a kit.

  9. It’s a pleasure to watch, Dmitry, thank you for sharing it with us.

  10. Class! The colors of the camouflage and the winter color are very accurately conveyed.

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