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Martin PBM 3R Mariner, A70-11, 40 Sqn RAAF Townsville Qld 1943.

March 7, 2017 in Aviation

1/72 Mach2, I modified the turrets to convert to a transport, sanded and polished the canopy and painted on the frames, strengthened the fuselage join between the wings with a strip of cloth and added the mooring rails to the nose, finished in MM enamels with MM clear acrylics over Aussie decals from the spares box.

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17 responses to Martin PBM 3R Mariner, A70-11, 40 Sqn RAAF Townsville Qld 1943.

  1. Came out well, Allan…nice build, sir.

  2. Leave it to you to Aussie-fy a Mariner!! Looks great. What did you use for those mooring rails – had to be very small/thin!

  3. An outstanding job sir. love the scheme.

  4. Allan, great job on a tough kit. Without the turrets, the lines look better. How many of these did the RAAF have?

  5. It’s a weird looking plane, but you’ve managed (as usual) to make a good job of the model.

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