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Matchbox 1/72 North American T-2 C/E “Buckeye”

March 5, 2017 in Aviation

Another “oldie” , built OOB, just because I like the unusual paint scheme. It’s been re-popped by Revell, and is still available. It is a very basic kit, more fun to paint than to build.While it wasn’t much of a challenge to build, it looks good sitting next to it’s red/white brother, on my shelf.

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10 responses to Matchbox 1/72 North American T-2 C/E “Buckeye”

  1. I like the unusual paint scheme, too…..nice build, Joe.

  2. Nice! got the revell re. in my stash.

  3. Great job on a really cool paint scheme.

  4. Nice scheme on this Joe! I’ve got both a Matchbox and Revell kit of this, and bought a set of TwoBobs decals to do one Navy white/red trainer and one in Greek colors. I hadn’t seen this particular scheme but looks good!

  5. Joe, looks like the scheme VA-43 used when they were using them for DACT.
    Nice little kit, and the only one I know in 72nd. Your paint scheme gives it an extra something. Love them fleet adversaries!

  6. That’s different Joe, looks good.

  7. No need for an excuse, Joe, you’ve built and painted it because you like it, that’s cool. Good job.

  8. Nice Joe, especially like the paint scheme.

  9. Interesting scheme, Joe, have never seen that one before. And it’s a Texas based bird, too!

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