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Noorduyn Norseman, A71-6, 4 Communications Unit RAAF Archerfield Qld 1945.

March 14, 2017 in Aviation

1/72 Matchbox, almost OOB, I replaced the intermediate wing struts with sprue, replaced the engine and fitted 0.010″ brass tailplane bracing wires, finished in MM and Revell enamels with Future and Xtra flat over Aussie and Ventura decals from the spares box.

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20 responses to Noorduyn Norseman, A71-6, 4 Communications Unit RAAF Archerfield Qld 1945.

  1. Sweet little puddle jumper. Well done, Allan!

  2. Don’t see many of these beasts modeled, Allan…my dad flew one (I got a lotta rides in it) in the 60’s-70’s in our hometown. There was a sport parachuting outfit based at the airport there and they had a couple of these they used for the jumpers.

  3. Allen, good to see one built. Nice flawless finish. Struts a little too short?

  4. Nice smooth paintwork and well done borders between the OD and NG.

  5. Nice job Allen,very well finished I have the same kit in my gallery in Israeli markings, check it out.

  6. You replaced the engine, and a few other things, and it’s almost out of the box………. excellent work, Allan.

  7. Excellent as the Lightning, well done Allan !

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