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1/48 MiG-21 UB/bis

April 17, 2017 in Aviation

Here’s my temporary collection of MiG-21’s (grey twin seater was sold). Plan was to assemble Croatian Air Force red/white display twin seater and standard single seater. In the meantime I was asked to assembly another twin seater for a friend. Result? I DON’T EVER WANT TO ASSEMBLE ANOTHER MIG-21 AGAIN! Four MiG’s in six months was just too much.

UB versions are out of the box Trumpeter 1/48 kits, and bis vesrion is 1/48 Eduard Proffesional. Original pitot tube broke so I’m waiting for metal replacement to arrive.

12 additional images. Click to enlarge

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19 responses to 1/48 MiG-21 UB/bis

  1. Nice renditions, Boris….very unique – I like them a lot (good thing you didn’t have to replicate the photo – that would have been one Mig a month). 🙂

  2. Great job. Boris. You must love masking !

  3. Well done good work. My migs are still in boxes ive a few I would like to do but felt a bit like you do now when I realised how much work was involved. Well done.

  4. Very nice work, Boris.
    So, you’re one of the rare experts who can tell which one of the two is the better kit. Eduard or Academy?

    • It was Eduard and Trumpeter. I didn’t encounter any problems with either kit. Trumpeter kit was 15$ cheaper and I was suprised how parts fitted well together. If you don’t require high level of details Trumpeter would be a best buy. Eduard kit shows better quality but tends to overcomplicate assembly of a model. It offers more details and few variants of a model, but assembly was comlicated and tiring. All in all, though I’d recomend Eduard as more proffesional kit, I wouldn’t exclude Trumpeter. The only difference is: more money more details.

  5. Nice display, Boris, your hard work has paid off.

  6. Boris, you did an absolutely beautiful job of painting!

  7. I just noticed a small detail on your models as well as the photo of the real planes. The nose cones are different between the twin & single seat versions. Do you know why? I suppose it could simply be because the fuselage had to be lengthened for the twin seat versions, but I’ve never noticed it before. Thanks!

    • I wasn’t aware of the lenght difference until I finished both models. I was surprised to find out that twin seater’s fuselage is actually shorter than single seater’s. Since twin seater was primarily trainer, I suppose single seater’s fuselage had to be lenghtened to accomodate radar and avionics that twin seater lacks.

  8. Boris, nice lineup, love the two seater in the hi-viz scheme. See it coming a
    long way off. Great work on all 3 of them. You all MIGged out, now?
    Thanks for the comparison of the two brands, I have an Eduard, and that U-MIG is starting to look attractive.

  9. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice collection there Boris, to tell you the truth … I was wanting too see more … 😀 .

  10. Nice collection. MiG-21 is a very impresive plane. Are You from Croatia? In Polish army we were also using lots of MiGs-21.

    • Thank you, but the only impresive thing about MiG-21s today is that they can still fly 🙂 As Polish Air Force, we’re hoping to replace these dinosaurs with Grippens or F-16s in a year or two.

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