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Air Force One 747 GOLD (2017)

April 1, 2017 in Aviation

New Air Force One 747 is rumored to be solid gold! Made by BoingFinland this is the widest body design used so far. Solid gold engines, too. 24k. No fake news here.
Model is an egg size item. Good cholesterol, plenty of protein.

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18 responses to Air Force One 747 GOLD (2017)

  1. Terve! Looking good. Is there any E-3 AWACS as eggplane?

  2. Hallå Sir Stellan. Maybe no Awacs egg yet. Would you like to put a Scanpan on top of it?
    You can always ask new eggs from Hasegawa. Please check
    … and pls ask for F-35 egg plane (with future Fin decals), too. TYVM.

  3. Cool !
    Well build, painted and presented by the way.

  4. Only done one “Egg Plane” before (a P-47)….might have to add this one – I like it.

  5. Well now that’s my humor for a Saturday morning. Very cool and well done.

  6. I’m sorry to have to inform you, that your Air Force On was shot down a few minutes ago by the IJN Yomata.


  7. Love these kits, did the Phantom awhile back, nice touch with the fry pan.

  8. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    This is obvious a real good one IT Lahtinen. I have seen these types of models before, but really … this one has brought a smile of delight too me and my family. The FRYING PAN pictures made us laugh. I hope this model worked it’s joy to all viewers, be it in person or pictures, it shows what modeling is about … FUN and FAMILY, really thanks for sharing the images.

    • 🙂 I’m glad you all liked it and did not take it too seriously – even it is my first serious try in civil aeroplane kits. My family and also judges at the local model show laughs when they see my models.

  9. Yeah, solid gold certainly fits with the lifestyle of the current First Passenger.

  10. Love this build very, very much!!

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