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AMK Mig-31

April 13, 2017 in Aviation

Here are a few pictures of my AMK Mig-31 which I finished recently. This will be featured in Model Airplane International soon. This is a superb kit, the way it has been engineered to fit together hiding almost all the seams is wonderful. Its also a very big kit in 1:48! I used Mr Paint colours on this for the first time and found they were excellent, I’ll be using more of this range in the future. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

2 additional images. Click to enlarge

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16 responses to AMK Mig-31

  1. looks gorgeous! here is a question though: how did you handle applying the pink sealant on the canopies? did you use the decals, and if so, how did you handle the glosscoat / decaling / matte coat while still keeping the clear parts transparent? i am considering just painting mine to avoid messing up the windows…

  2. I keep seeing great results with this kit and here’s another one. Gonna have to check out this manufacturer and see what else they offer. Nice work!.

    • Everything they do is superb. I did their L.29 Delfin and it was one of the nicest kits ever. I have their Kfir C.2 and Fouga Magister (which has everything you need to build it with all the hatches open) and they are both superb. I rank AMK one of the best companies out there. Buy anything they do in confidence.

  3. Good work Alan. A nice build and a great looking paint scheme.

  4. Very nice build Alan, I’ll look forward to the article in the magazine also!

  5. Excellent job, Alan. Seeing your build gives me inspiration to start my big MiG.

  6. Elegant MiG!!! It is a pity that few photos.

  7. Yet another AMK Mig 31, and it looks great.

  8. Beautiful Mig 31, well done


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