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Friday Briefing

April 28, 2017 in Photo Collections

49 additional images. Click to enlarge

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27 responses to Friday Briefing

  1. Thank you Sir Rob. Your photo set is always a perfect start for the weekend.

  2. Agreed, put a smile on my face before leaving for the office.


  3. I like the blower Bently. I would like to snag the 1/12 kit from Airfix. Is the Harrier hanging in Argentina somewhere? What’s with the Laird that looks like a Super Solution with the rocker bumps on the cowl?

  4. The 262 with the 50mm cannon wins for me – fantastic!

  5. These are by far some of the best shots yet….I sure wish there was some narrative for all the photos (I have SO many questions for many of them) – where do you FIND all these pictures? That shot of the shuttle is amazing – I’ve never seen that one before (or ANY of them, for that matter)…and for the life of me, I can’t make out just WHAT the heck that is with the shock wave around the Red Bull object. Thanks again for the weekends “entertainment”, my friend.

  6. Great photos!! I especially like #7!! Never saw anything like that in my Army days!!
    Went to a movie on Post one Sunday afternoon and was struck by nothing but guys in the audience!! Mostly sleeping in that airconditioned theater.

  7. So nice, what is this for a plane on No. 15?

  8. Cool as usual, The last one’s nice, the hardware may have changed, but the flight deck dance goes on.

  9. Nice pics Rob, thanks for my Friday titter.

  10. Thanks for the thought provoking miscellancy and variety of the photos. The first one stopped me, there’s a church of the Harrier? A VTOL cult? All it needed is a Charlton Heston statue below!
    I’m with Bowman, in my day, the WACS were nowhere as attractive as the photos shown here everytime. They must be recruiting them for looks, these days. The few good looking ones back in the OLD ARMY were besieged with suitors and what not. Pawing the deck! Single men in barracks, a la Kipling.

    • Probably some kind of police somewhere for comments about women soldiers, especially Russian ones.

      I have a photo of two U.S. women pilots who have just passed Navy Top Gun. Personally, I’m happy to acknowledge they’re smarter and tougher than am I. My contribution is more ‘Make mine a double….’ than Master of Mach 2.

  11. Come on, Rob! You’re a sensitive, new age guy! And you can give them the benefit of your experience and photo collection. Bwahahahaha! Oh, yeah!
    Hey, it might work for you, they aren’t buying it from me! But I’m OLD!

  12. Fascinating! Is that a REAL Harrier? That must have set the folks who built Duveen Hall at Tate Britain in London a pretty penny. Or was it a farthing when it was built? Ha!
    I too wish there were narratives with each photo.
    I really like ALL the Friday Briefings! Thanks!

    • If you search this item you can find articles about it and see how they hung it for display, and yes, it’s a real Harrier.

      By the way, the Imperial War Museum also has a Harrier hung in more ‘traditional’ hover mode in their entrance hall, as an example of the service type rather than as an art object as seen here, but the Tate’s version is probably more arresting to view.

      Re photo narratives, I tend to leave it for others to delve in to images that are of specific interest to them, and too, I’ve had many photos for a long time and simply can’t recall the details. For instance, I remember the dry-docked battleship above (#41) was Japanese, photographed in 1935, but can’t place the name or state it’s further history, but hopefully someone with an interest in WW2 naval warfare in the Pacific might want to research it further.

      • Rob, thanks for the additional information. Back in the summer of 1970 I had the extreme pleasure to spend a day at the Imperial War Museum while staying in London for a week. During that trip, I also saw the (then) rather new movie, the “Battle Of Britain.” I was immersed in history that trip! In 1970 there was still war damage from WWII in London & even more in parts of Germany. Thanks again.

      • Actually, the ship comes back to me now: it’s the Fuso.

  13. As usual you posted a fantastic collection of pictures. I am looking forward every friday to see the photo collection. Great job!

  14. Thanks for sharing this collection with us.

    The last photo of the Wildcats and Devastator planes on the deck of the Enterprise was an inspiration for me to build another plane for the Midway Group build. Thanks again Rob. Very cool indeed.

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