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Spitfire Mk.Ia (Airfix 1/72)

April 8, 2017 in Aviation

One of my iModeler Random Awards boxes has been finished – Airfix’s Spitfire Mk.Ia. I’ve pick this interesting scheme from ModelMaker decal sheet – airplane from No. 303 (“Kościuszko”) Polish Fighter Squadron in RAF, 1941. Except “super fabric” seat belts from Eduard (which are not visible, because it’s Spitfire in 1/72 scale!) this is completely OOB build.

Painted mainly with AKAN acrylics, weathered with Vallejo washes and pigments.

Thank you for watching!

8 additional images. Click to enlarge

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12 responses to Spitfire Mk.Ia (Airfix 1/72)

  1. You keep doin’ two things, Dmitry….crankin’ out really nice builds and puttin’ that damn lighter in the pictures to make me jealous. 🙂

  2. That’s a beautiful Spitfire Dmitry……………………… I really like it.

  3. Nothing like a great Spit…or a Zippo.

  4. Another great looking model Dmitry!

  5. Lovely model, Dmitry, do you use the lighter to make stretched sprue?

  6. Nicely done Dmitry, looks good.

  7. There used to be a guy who advertised in Finescale, selling wire to rig model airplanes. His slogan was “Quit stretching plastic sprue, you’ll go blind!” Interesting marketing ploy.

  8. Me, too Dmitry. I remember once when I was a younger guy I used my Mothers sewing thread. Scaled up, it would have been hawser for a sailing ship. But I was proud!

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