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Zero walkaround

April 6, 2017 in Aviation

Since several people are doing Japanese aircraft for the Midway build, perhaps these shots of the disassembled Planes of Fame A6M5a Zero may be useful. This is a Nakajima-built airplane, and Steve Hinton – who has been directly involved in all the restorations of this airframe – told me that the colors in these shots were copied directly during restoration from the original items with the first restoration from original 45 years ago. These colors would be good for any Nakajima airplane – Zeke, Kate, Jill, etc.

14 additional images. Click to enlarge

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6 responses to Zero walkaround

  1. Great reference photos, Tom…thanks for posting ’em.

  2. Thanks Tom, I see what you mean about it being close to US Interior green

  3. Tom, thank you! Just what the Dr, ordered! That’s a fairly complete cockpit. and the shots from the rear are really helpful.Marvelous restoration!

  4. Thank you, Tom, for these photos; very nice.

  5. Great photos Tom. Thanks for sharing them with us………… I’m sure they will become handy.

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