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Fw-190D-9 Tamiya

May 13, 2017 in Aviation

Hi everyone ! This is my latest completion , the old but excellent tamiya kit . This was my first riveting effort ( about 10 years ago ) and for that i used a needle and not a riveting tool. I didn’t like the way it turned out so i repainted the model a few months ago . I hope you like it !

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13 responses to Fw-190D-9 Tamiya

  1. Like it too, for sure a beautiful model!

  2. Dunno what it looked like before the re-paint, but it sure turned out well THIS time.

  3. That sorry ol Tamiya Fw190-D sure looks beautiful after you finished it!! Looks GREAT!!!

  4. Brilliant Dora, really great colour scheme done to a fantastic standard. Love it.

  5. Nice Dora, I know purists find fault with the Tamiya in a few areas, the non hollow wheel wells being one. But Damn it sure looks like a Dora and a nice one at that!

  6. Thanks everyone ! I forgot to tell you that all markings except for the fuselage crosses are montex masks that i used for the first time . Great masks !

  7. Your FW-190 turned out really nice. It looks fantastic!!! I really like it. Two thumbs up !!!!!

  8. Excellent job on a very nice theme – congratulations πατριώτη !!

  9. Lovely re-finish! Your weathering is excellent and I’d have turned that needle around and stuck it in my eye before I could manage to finish that nice riveting job. And, yes- boo-hoo to those who pooh-pooh the Tamiya Dora….. If you replace the tiny wheels don’t turn it upside down, you’d never know. 😉

  10. Looks like you’ve scored a hit with this one, whatever the faults of the Tamiya kit you’ve got a great looking model.

  11. Very nice! Lovely paint and finishing job.

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