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GAF Jindivik Mk 203B

May 3, 2017 in Aviation

Another Jindivik? Yep. This one was photographed at the South Australian Aviation Museum in Port Adelaide, a short ride by train from Adelaide city centre. From a distance they look much the same but once you are up close you will find a number of details differing. The major bit is the air intake. Gone is now the sleek looking NACA scoop and in its place is a more conventional intake. I think there are a number of other details, especially around the tail, that differs if one takes a closer look. The previously published photos of the Mk 303 show short wings whereas the Mk 203 show 40 inch extensions outside of the Mk 7 wing pods. There was also an 80 inch extension for high altitude work enabling it to reach 68 000 ft.

From the ADF-serials web page one can read “This aircraft is a Mark 203B and was delivered to the Navy in February 1987. Following various missions, it later crashed on take-off at Jervis Bay in May 1992. After a period of storage, it came to the Museum in June 2004.”

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6 responses to GAF Jindivik Mk 203B

  1. I’ll say one thing….ya sure can’t miss those colors in the air! 🙂

  2. Stellan, that’s the Jndivik I remember! Certainly the colors are more vivid!
    Great photos, thanks for posting them. Is there a kit?

  3. VERY interesting! These drones, missiles, & the like are another interesting chapter of flying machines.

    • Yes, Sir, they certainly are! In the 50´s they thought the future to be unmanned planes an missiles only but the aircraft industry just kept pumping out fantastic contraptions, still with seats. It´s not until our days we now use drones (or UAVs as they should be called) on a regular basis.

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