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Sepecat Jaguar A – French Air Force, Kitty-Hawk, 1:48

May 7, 2017 in Aviation

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26 responses to Sepecat Jaguar A – French Air Force, Kitty-Hawk, 1:48

  1. Christian, beautiful work on this Jaguar. I like the way you opened it up ! Great attention to detail. Well done !

  2. Great, great job. I love Sepecat Juaguar, and this a great job.

  3. Simply great ! Thank you.

  4. Thank you very much my friends, glad that you like it!

  5. Beautifully finished and photographed, sir….Nice lookin’ build. How WAS this Kitty Hawk kit to build? Run into any problem areas?

    • Thank you Craig!
      The photos have been taken from my cousin, thanks to him 😉 The kit was not easy to build, a lot of putty was necessary. I have added many wires and scratch-parts to put more detail into it. What I could not understand was the lack of a complete paint-instruction, also some errors in the instruction sheet, so space for improvement for Kitty-Hawk.

  6. Christan, well done! They seem to have great choices for their kits, but the construction ain’t easy. Great to see one built.

  7. Great work and nice to see a subject that doesn’t appear too often. Love the extra detailing and your paint work!

  8. Beautifully done, Christian!

  9. Hello Christian,
    Museum piece. Well done.
    Regards Dirk / The Netherlands.

  10. You are all too kind gentlemen, thank you!

  11. Beautiful Jag! Love the scheme and the paint work – the subtle mottled look to the dark tan especially.

  12. Thanks Greg, much appreciated!

  13. I agree with Dirk, that’s certainly worthy of any museum! Exquisite scale model Christian, so well done! 🙂

  14. Thank you very much Gary! Glad that you all like it!

  15. Great result.Nice to see the French version, lovely work Christian.

  16. Very nice work indeed. A real triump of skill and talent. I finally gave up on this kit as a major contributor to my negative attitude about KittyHawk.

  17. Hi,

    Great job on this beautiful Jaguar, a French monument 🙂


  18. Despite all the negative criticism surrounding Kittyhawk kits, the end product always looks pretty good?!
    That just may be down to your craftsmanship though, but a stunning piece of work on the less!!

  19. Thank you very much gents for your kind words!

  20. Fantastic work, Christian, many thanks for posting this.

  21. Thank you very much George my friend!

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