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1/700 USS Missouri 1945. 9.2

June 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

Japanese Instrument of Surrender

I wanted to use 1,800 figures, but I only used half.
I will add figures on September 2nd and then post them again.
Injection is Academy’s new product. I applied flyhawk’s P.E Missouri for Tamiya.
But their compatibility is truly the worst.

1/700 Scale figures are 3dmodelparts’s product.

33 additional images. Click to enlarge

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11 responses to 1/700 USS Missouri 1945. 9.2

  1. I can’t imagine doing all those little critters and placing them all over ship! Very nice! another convincing build.

  2. OMG….the figures alone probably took almost as long as that magnificent build. Outstanding work, sir!

  3. So when was it you went blind??? 🙂

    Amazing work.

  4. 1,800 1/700 scale figures!!? Amazing. The ship’s great also.

  5. Great presentation, Won-hui.

  6. I’m with every one you are a true artist,I would have to live another 100 years to even come close to your class.thanks for the inspiration

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear some descendant of a Missouri crewmember offer you a prince’s ransom for that thing (“Uh, that’s my dad right there…no, that was his mate..yeah, to the left there.” Simply amazing.

    Glad we are not at war with Japan, but displays like this drive home the significance of war memories for the people of easy Asia. Here a Korean friend is sinking more into this commemoration than any American I have ever seen…

  8. Great diorama But all those tiny figures You’re a better man than I


  9. Hello there,
    Interesting subject and very well executed, especially the battleship itself, considering the small scale.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  10. That’s fantastic! I love all the figures on board!

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