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Coral Sea; Part Two… Aichi D3A1, Type 99, Carrier Bomber

June 2, 2017 in Aviation

Part Two, is the 1:48 scale Hasegawa kit, and it is in the markings of an aircraft flown from IJN Zuikaku, by Lt. Tomatsu Ema, (Pilot) with W/O Azuma, (Gunner).

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5 responses to Coral Sea; Part Two… Aichi D3A1, Type 99, Carrier Bomber

  1. Exquisite detail, Freddie….I like it.

  2. Really like this one Freddie – I want to build a Val soon, and this just made the itch a bit more provoking!

  3. I’m planning on building another Val later on this year………….. Hopefully it will look as nice as yours does. You build some nice planes Freddie…………. Thanks again for posting these up as a prelude to the Midway Group Build reveals……….

  4. Another fine IJN plane!

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