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Douglas TBD-1, “Devastator”, ‘Torpedo Eight’, USS Hornet-Part Two

June 5, 2017 in Aviation

“Many of my friends are now dead. To a man, each died with a nonchalance that each would have denied as courage. They simply called it lack of fear. If anything great or good is born of this war, it should not be valued in the colonies we may win nor in the pages historians will attempt to write, but rather in the youth of our country, who never trained for war; rather almost never believed in war, but who have, from some hidden source, brought forth a gallantry which is homespun, it is so real.”

“When you hear others saying harsh things about American youth, do all in your power to help others keep faith with those few who gave so much. Tell them that out here, between a spaceless sea and sky, American youth has found itself and given itself so that, at home, the spark may catch. There is much I cannot say, which should be said before it is too late. It is my fear that national inertia will cancel the gains won at such a price. My luck can’t last much longer, but the flame goes on and on.”

–Ensign William R. Evans, USN, Pilot of ‘T-3’, Torpedo Eight, USS Hornet, Killed in Action with his Radioman/Gunner, Ross E. Bibb Arm3, Midway, 4 June 1942.

The previous quote, was taken from a letter written by Ens. Evans, to his parents on the eve of battle, June 1942. Within a few days of it’s posting to the states, he and twenty-eight of his squadron mates would be dead.

The model I have built, is in the honor of Ens, Evans and the entire “Torpedo Eight” contingent who perished at Midway.

Model is the Great Wall kit, in 1:48 scale

Last picture: Took a second place award at the IPMS/USA Region One Contest in Batavia, NY, 19/20 May, 2017.

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8 responses to Douglas TBD-1, “Devastator”, ‘Torpedo Eight’, USS Hornet-Part Two

  1. A little more on the pilot, Ens. Evans. He was a child of wealth and privilege. Educated at Wesleyan University, he was aspiring to be a writer. He chose to enlist in the US Navy and become a pilot, rather than take the deferments offered. One can only imagine what he might have accomplished, had he survived the war…

  2. Another beautifully done aircraft Freddie! Congrats.

  3. A great build. Such prophetic words..

  4. What used to be called noblisse oblige, folks. Currently on hiatus, unfortunately.
    Freddie, another outstanding build! Inspirational.

  5. The letter Ensign Evans wrote home was indeed very prophetic. Almost as if he had a premonition of sorts. Your build turned out very well Freddie. Two thumbs up to you, and a hand salute to Ens. Evans……………….

  6. That’s really a nice job Freddie, and a well deserved award at the Region One Show.

  7. And after I go making unkind comments about the Great Wall kit over on your Monogram TBD, you put this up.
    Great job Freddie, beautiful model and a compelling back story.

    • I realize this may be a bit late but…
      The kit was a bear to build, and there were many bridges that needed crossing to where she wound up. The Monogram kit is older, but still a very good model, and SO much easier, stress wise.
      That being said, the Great Wall kit is worth the build, and I will again defer to our friend on this site, Tom Cleaver. Tom wrote an article on the Modeling Madness website, after he fought and build this same kit. He points out the kit’s shortcomings, and possible ways to circumvent them. IF you plan on tackling this kit READ it. He hits every nail on the head as far as what you are going to run into.
      From my own observations, I would get the Eduard masks, because the kit’s masks SUCK. The decals are OK, but Yellow Wings are better, as are many other aftermarket sets, so check around for them also.
      I found the kit IS worth the effort, and you will turn out a fine model, but it will not fall together like a Tamiya, Hasegawa or the later Airfix kits.
      So, I hope I didn’t scare you, get your glue out and model on brother!!

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