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Holidays and a Humble Heller and Humbrol model…

June 26, 2017 in Ships

This is the good old Belle etoile from heller.
I really like their sail ships collection despite its age.
Here there is no fuss about engraved or not engraved panel lines, empty cockpits, and the airbrush wont add anything to the painting (no mottling nor camo with shaded colours…).
If you’re looking for a” low tech” build because youre tired of cleaning up your airbrush and mixing complicated colours and varnishes with lots of tamiya tape than perhaps you would appreciate that kind of build.
So no hi tech expensive heavy duty modeling gear but a brush,glue, a few humbrol tins,
tons of patient rigging, swearing and sweating, yes its definitly the “old school”
Salute to all the plastic addicts !

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5 responses to Holidays and a Humble Heller and Humbrol model…

  1. Anyone who builds ships with rigging gets an “atta boy” from me. Nice.

  2. A sleek build, looks great!

  3. Kloster, thanks for posting this, I’ve never sen one built, previously. That really turned out nicely.

  4. Nice but all that rigging would drive me nuts,I think I would have had to use the lighter and send it to davey jonses locker,full credit to you on this build.thanks

  5. Thank you for your encouagements guys

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