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MBB BO105 M VBH, 8054, 16th Anti Tank Regiment FGAA Celle 1982.

June 8, 2017 in Aviation

1/72 Airfix, OOB, finished in Humbrol and MM enamels with Tamiya X22 over kit decals. built pre 2004.

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12 responses to MBB BO105 M VBH, 8054, 16th Anti Tank Regiment FGAA Celle 1982.

  1. I’ve seen that camo before,talk about great minds,I’m not a chopper man only have 3 in my kits built,but it looks similar to a Huey I built long time ago??

  2. Well done, Allan….you, sir, are a rotatry winged master.

  3. Another nice one! As many builds as you post, you must have a huge display somewhere!!

  4. Allan, another addition to the Allan whirleybird extravaganza! Nice scheme, I’ve never seen many of these built. Shame, it’s kinda neat.
    That yellow German medivac one was the one I remember.

  5. Looks great !! I see your ‘tar mac’ is back.

  6. Another little gem you’ve build Allan. The German Army had quite a large number of these whirlybirds. In Holland we had just one squadron flying these German build machines. All gone now, just one luckely found a spot in our Air Force museum at Soesterberg. Stiil got an original rotorhead main bolt in my collection from one of these BO105’s left over from my airforce days.

  7. Thanks Ferry, what’s that bolt made of ?

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