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Me109G-10 Erla early

June 11, 2017 in Aviation

As the one before, Revell 1/32

Aires cockpit, GWH seat belts,Brassin exhaust, new small wheel bulges on wings.
Barracudacals marking Yellow 24 6/JG27, sprayed RVT band
Also,some pics from the cockpits( one is the modified kit one, the other Aires)

16 additional images. Click to enlarge

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7 responses to Me109G-10 Erla early

  1. Another nice looking build, sir….I like ’em both equally as well. Beautiful work on those interiors, too!

  2. Both aircraft are a great build you have done nice work on both paint jobs, the German camo always looks good,well done Matija.

  3. Really nice pair. The cockpit detail is exceptional. Only you know what problems there were to care about…

  4. This one also looks very good. The cockpits are outstanding. Like you I think it’s better to spray on the RVD bands if you can. These turned out great. Thanks for sharing these photos with us.

  5. Both of these 109’s are very nicely done. Great job on the paint and weathering, and some nice schemes selected.

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