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RC painting project (WIP)

June 30, 2017 in Aviation

Applied the first coat of Tennessee Red on three RC planes this morning. The new spray gun worked great !! I’ll post more pictures when they’re completed.

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6 responses to RC painting project (WIP)

  1. My Eyes…My Eyes…(squinting) – You’re certainly not gonna lose sight of THAT up in the sky, ARE ya…??!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Is that a Sig Astro Hawg? Lovely old airplane, mine is 22 years old and still flyable with a K&B 61 up front….

  3. Very cool Phil !!!!

    I also occasionally tinker with scratch building electric RC planes. Hanging from the garage wall I have a scratch built WW1 Curtiss Jenny with an 88 inch wingspan. It’s powered by an E-flight out runner 46. I still have to finish it up. In the small build pile of RC planes I have a 44 inch Sig “Smith Mini Plane” biplane to build, and a Dare Curtiss Jenny as well. I didn’t know that there were RC flyers here too………….
    Thanks for sharing this………….

    • Good stuff Louis, interesting subjects. I don’t fly RC, but have friends that do, and they occasionally employ my painting skills. I’ve done eight or so for the lads, over the years.

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