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WingNut Wings Hansa Brandenburg W.12

June 18, 2017 in Aviation

This is my latest attempt at a WW1 subject. I’ve had a real fondness for WingNut Wings for a few years now and am gradually getting the hang of it.
I’ve got up to the decalling stage now and the end is finally in sight.
As usual for WNW it goes together like a dream and everything is beautifully detailed with no faults whatsoever.
I added a Master Barrels Spandau although the kit ones are quite fine.
I’ve also used Aviattic Naval hex decals as there is nothing else comparable to them on the market. They are on transparent paper which allows for nice pre-shading effects, which just can’t be replicated with the kit decals.
I wanted it to look like it’s been sortieing out over the North Sea for a while so I’ve weathered and faded the paint work quite heavily in parts.
Back with more when I get the top wing on………….
Top wing and rudder are decalled and on now.
Nearly there!

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9 responses to WingNut Wings Hansa Brandenburg W.12

  1. Excellent work such detailing,look forward to seeing the finished kit,I’m not a plane guy so can I ask what scale? thanks

  2. it’s 1/32 Jim as are all WNW.
    It’s all they do and really it is the perfect scale for this era as it’s not too big but allows for some fun details.

    • Thanks very much Stephen,I thought it would be a decent size as I have a hand full of WW1 aircraft in 1/72 and I could fit all on my hand,still no matter your work is as I said excellent,thanks for the reply.cheers.

  3. Not my ‘forte’, but from what I’ve seen & heard, those WNW kits are exceptional (as is this one). Nice work.

  4. Very nice, you can tell it’s German! I like the way the cockpit is detailed, excellent work.

  5. Gorgeous work so far! That’s gonna be a beauty when done!

  6. Great looking Hansa, Steve. A friend of mine decided to stock up on WnW kits about a year ago, as the prices were skyrocketing. Certainly some challenging modelling still to be done.

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