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1/24 Honda Integra Type-R DC-5 “Fishbone Friday”

July 13, 2017 in Automotive


ホンダ インテグラ タイプ-R DC-5 「フィッシュボーン金曜日」

Aoshima 18inch Gram Lights 57xtreme will replace the original 5 double spoke rims. But basically an Out-of-box project with some customized decals.

The car is painted with White color and Black on the hoods & roof, not much of modify just lower the riding height + twin mufflers that’s all.

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12 responses to 1/24 Honda Integra Type-R DC-5 “Fishbone Friday”

  1. Hi Kitti, This is great, love the extras and dio! Are those trumpeter boxes in the back of the car?

  2. Lots of nice extra detail work on display here, and, hey, anything with a black bonnet gets my vote! (Translation note, bonnet means hood in Mr Webster’s English!)

  3. The extras really make it come to life – well done!

  4. Outstanding presentation in every aspect, sir…EVERY aspect. Well done, Kitti.

  5. Fantastic! The option of customisation is one of my favourite parts of automotive modelling. I like what you have done with this! Is that a Trumpeter Su-27 in the back?

  6. BEAUTIFUL! Very real. You’ve done a great job. I’d love to meet the girl they used as a model for the kit.
    Awesome – the extras, the foliage – it’s all beautifully done, Kitti!

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