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8th scale McLaren restoration.

July 28, 2017 in Automotive

Some months ago I was asked if I could repair a poorly built 8th scale McLaren MP4-23. After a long chat with the owner it was decided that I would try and restore the model. The first pictures show what I was facing. Not only had the model been poorly built but it had been placed in a South facing window for several years just to make it extra crispy.

The exhausts were heavily reworked and hollowed out. I opted to spray on a carbon fibre effect rather than use the decals available as some builders were complaining of the decals discolouring over time.

Several months later, nine new part works, lots of de-bonder and paint………the model was mounted in a custom built case and to be honest I was glad to see it go. I’ll be avoiding anything silver for a while.

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12 responses to 8th scale McLaren restoration.

  1. Looks sharp. Love the hue of the silver. Did you use a window screen as a mask to replicate the carbon fiber effect?

    • Hi Josh.
      Thanks for your comments.
      I used some etched mesh as a mask. This worked fine as the profile of the parts being painted was pretty flat. Larger pieces were masked into separate parts where there were cast joints.

  2. Well done, Robert….you did her proud. I trust your “client” was equally grateful.

  3. Soooo difficult to do this sort of project. Great job.

  4. Wow, some project, Robert, your customer must be very pleased with the rescue.

  5. Thanks you gents for your kind words.

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