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Aerobatic – BAE Hawk Red Arrows vs. Aermacchi MB-339A Frecce Tricolori

July 30, 2017 in Aviation

1/72 Revell BAE Hawk and 1/72 Italeri Aermacchi MB-339A in aerobatic color schemes flying side by side. I thought it would be a nice change from grey military schemes.

In 2016, my brother attended English Royal International Air Tattoo show as a member of Croatian aerobatc team “Wings of Storm”. He was impressed with Red Arrows and was very sorry he did not find their Hawk model to buy. Few months ago Italian Tricolory aerobatic team visited my brother’s aribase. Well, I made this tandem for him, both teams wing to wing.

Both kits were simple and easy to assemble, i’ll definitely try both planes in 1/48 scale.

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8 responses to Aerobatic – BAE Hawk Red Arrows vs. Aermacchi MB-339A Frecce Tricolori

  1. Very nicely done, specialy like the smoke trails you’ve added. I agree with you, that it makes a colourfull change next to al the camouflaged aircraft.
    They look great in 1/72 scale!

  2. Unique display method, Boris….I like it. I remember there was a Thunderbirds kit which included a “4-masted” stand for a similar build.

  3. And Mongram had a Blue Angels 4 plane lashup wth F-11Fs. Wish I still had it, simple model, looked really good.The Thunderbirds that Craig mentioned was from Revell, they also had a Blue Angels one, I think Phantoms.

  4. Great display , and creatively done..

  5. VERY nicely done, Boris! It’s a beautiful set that I’m sure your Brother will love. Nice job with the smoke, too!

  6. Very nice – and creative display as well!

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