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Here kitty kitty! F-11A Tiger, Blue Angel

July 5, 2017 in Aviation

This is a F-11A as a Blue Angel at The Cradle of Aviation Museum in Long Island N.Y. Meow.

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12 responses to Here kitty kitty! F-11A Tiger, Blue Angel

  1. You were at the “Cradle of Aviation Museum” and only took pictures of ONE airplane? I know THAT can’t be true….c’mon, where’s all the REST of ’em?

  2. Awesome photos Bob !!!! Thanks for posting these……………. This is one of those places on my “Bucket List” to visit……………..

  3. Are those 20mm cannon mounted into the bottom of the intakes…?

  4. I remember Buck Danny and his sidekicks flying F-11 Tigers in the comic books I used to read back in the 1970-80s. Must have been my first encounter with the type. To my knowledge there is not many kits of this, no modern one anyway. Get a feeling HobbyBoss/Trumpeter will make one as they have a routine of producing some odd ones. Elegant little number.

  5. Thanks for posting these great pic’s Robert, lots of good reference for my build !

  6. Bob, thanks for taking these. Always a favorite of mine. Makes a better reference than I have.

  7. I hope that soon we get accurate and quality Plastic kit in 1/48
    a F-11 Tiger

  8. A REALLY great museum. My wife, Kathleen M. Rodgers, and I flew up there from here in Texas in July 2015 when the artistic director, Rod Leonhard, featured three of her poems in his exhibit “Why do we fly…aviators, poets, and dreamers”. There is so much to see there and everything is so well presented. As an old A-10 pilot, I really liked the Republic Aviation displays.

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