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1/700 DD-436 USS Monssen

August 30, 2017 in Ships

I built this ship, September, 2015. The ship was damaged by several shocks. The screws were damaged and the hand rails were damaged. So, I make a diorama with this ship.
DD-436 USS Monssen was sunk by Japanese warships off Guadalcanal 13 November 1942. Since I made a reference to the pictures of the Philippine Sea, it is not entirely compatible with the historical records.
I hope you understand it as a piece of work rather than a historical fact.

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26 responses to 1/700 DD-436 USS Monssen

  1. I need your private lessons about diorama! Definitely!

  2. Beautiful! As usual, you have made a top quality, interesting diorama. Your rock formations look absolutely real!

    A pleasure to see!

  3. “…a piece of work…” indeed! You are a true master in this form of “art”, sir.

  4. Another spectacular model, Well done Won-hui !

  5. Another beauty! You are a master of shaping water and wakes – it just looks perfect.

  6. Hi Won-hui, to me you simply are a world-class expert in marine modelling and naval diorama making. Following your creations with great interest!

  7. I’m gobsmacked. How in the world…oh, never mind….

  8. Your skills amaze me………………….. Wonderful job.

  9. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Very nicely portrayed Won – hui, a joy to watch.

  10. Cracking work again mate! I didn’t realise it was that small till I saw the lighter!

  11. An amazing work of modeling!

  12. Unbelievable. This is trully a marvelous work.

  13. Another beautiful seascape, I especially like the way you get the scale right, up close the ship would seem huge, but, in the sea, it’s dwarfed by nature.

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