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1/700 DKM Tirpitz in fjord 1942

August 24, 2017 in Ships

1/700 DKM Tirpitz
Dragon & Eduard

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33 responses to 1/700 DKM Tirpitz in fjord 1942

  1. Another compact and convincing ship diorama, Won-hui. Very nicely presented.

  2. I agree with Rob!!!! A little and beautiful masterpiece.

  3. These little dios are true masterpieces worthy of display in a maritime museum!!! Well done!!!

  4. I can but only concur with the above. I’d like to see your entire collection sometime. Must be quite an impressive display.

  5. Man, have you ever been to Scandinavia? I invite Martin (@editor) who lives in Scandinavia to comment, but the rocks you modeled, color- and texture-wise, they look exactly like the real thing up there.
    Very, very impressive!

  6. Beautiful work, especially for the scale!

  7. After seeing your great work I don’t know if I can do another ship, great job!

  8. Won-hui, master of the sea…

  9. That is awesome. How many Resin did you use for the water. In Germany is this very expansive.

  10. Great work on these scales the difficulty in achieving these results is very great

  11. Beautiful! Simply beautiful.

  12. This is so beautiful! Congratulations!

  13. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Very impressive work Won – hui.

  14. Wow Won! Amazing! How did you model the water and waves? Congrats to you!

  15. Another masterpiece there mate!

  16. Master Modeler.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands

  17. Outstanding job. The water looks so natural. . .well done!

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