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Bell-206B Jetranger, Croatian Air Force; Italeri 1/72

August 6, 2017 in Aviation

An easy kit to build, but it was a painting challenge. It was the tiniest model I’ve made (cca 12-13cm) which made masking job very difficult. For example painted sqares are 4x4mm and it took a lot of tryouts before I managed to line them all up. It’s not perfect, maybe I’ll find some nerves for small fixes sometime in the future, but looks nice enough for show up.

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13 responses to Bell-206B Jetranger, Croatian Air Force; Italeri 1/72

  1. Considering the small size you had to work with, I think you represented the photos well with your build. Nice work.

  2. Boris, that is a beautiful color scheme, and you did it well. In 172, even more remarkable. Great work!

  3. Great job! and such a small scale.

  4. Wow, you did a great job Boris. I’ve build this Italeri helicopter myself, just plain military green, so I understand the challenge you had with the colours. In 1/72 the Jet Ranger is really small. Super!

  5. Very neat work, Boris, I’d have hated all that fiddly masking, you’ve carried it out very well.

  6. Nice clean build with a colorful scheme! My daughter and family are moving to Croatia later this year!

  7. Hello Boris,
    Very neat construction of this small model. The Croatians have this chopper painted in a joyful scheme. Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  8. Nice work and masking the “kockice” on such a small model will always prove to be challenging! Dobar posao!

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