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British Aerospace Hawk Mk 66 Swiss Air Force

August 1, 2017 in Aviation

British Aerospace Hawk Mk 66 Coaches of the Swiss Air Force, they were used as a coach for 12 years in the Luftwaffe, after which they were sold to the Finnish Air Force.
Kit: Revell 1:32
Kind regards
Hans Peter Tschanz

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12 responses to British Aerospace Hawk Mk 66 Swiss Air Force

  1. Nice job, I like the finish with the smooth weathering effects. Thanks for posting!

  2. Nicely done, Hans….I like it – (and welcome back; haven’t seen your work in quite a while). 🙂

  3. Nice finish Hans great to see the swiss version also!

  4. Very neat work. I’ve often been tempted with the Tamiya 1/48 version of the Hawk, and now I’m even more tempted, it’s such an attractive plane, and the Swiss markings really suit it.

  5. I guess by “coach” you mean “trainer”.

  6. Beautiful work, Hans. Last year I was on a roadtrip around Finland and one of these, now in Finnish markings but retaining the red-white scheme, buzzed me somewhere in Central Finland.

  7. Well done, Hans! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Very nicely done – love the weathering and finish work.

  9. I think you’ve got that spot on! Very convincing!

  10. Nice weathering and great job on the build Hans!

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