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Dragon 1/35th scale King Tiger Battle of the Bulge

August 6, 2017 in Armor

Here is my first article. Built back in 2006, this is my favorite German WWII armored vehicle. Built with aftermarket barrel, tracks, figures and fenders. Always liked this pattern, slightly different with the hard edge finish. All questions, comments and critiques are welcome. Take care my fellow modelers!

4 additional images. Click to enlarge

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23 responses to Dragon 1/35th scale King Tiger Battle of the Bulge

  1. Welcome to the site, Jim (hope that thing doesn’t fall on ya). 🙂

  2. Three of the five photos are up side down in my neck of the woods. The brown color is this a primer that was painted at the factory and in order to conserve paint they left it as is and then added the green and yellow? The model looks solid …just up side down.

  3. Congratulations Jim. Awesome Tiger!

  4. Welcome on board, Jim – and that’s a very nice camo scheme! I took the liberty of rotating the upside-down pictures, gives the Tiger more traction 😉

  5. Great Tiger with superb camo!

  6. Excellent King Tiger! Battle of Bugle or Bulge?

  7. Nice looking Tiger, Jim, there’s a “Year of the Cat” group build currently running on this site, this would be a great entry.

  8. Looks great Jim! Agree that it is a great scheme, and your build and weathering look excellent. Welcome aboard.

  9. Nice detail with great weathering.

  10. Hey Jim !

    Congrats on your first post ! I’ve seen your other work and know your passion and knowledge will be a great addition to this fantastic site !

    Keep em coming !!!!!

  11. Welcome aboard Jim. You will find this is a great website with some great people here. Your King Tiger looks great !!! I have always liked them painted in the “ambush” scheme. Two thumbs up Sir !!!!

  12. Jim, welcome aboard. A great bunch of guys here !. Great looking Tiger, your paint work is fantastic. I look forward to seeing what else you’ve got to share !

  13. Jim, Your Work On Models Inspires Me To Do That Extra Effort On Building Models. Your Attention To The Details Is Mind Blowing. I Had The Treat To See Your Other Work & I Have Looked At Your Scale Models As “Museum Quality Displays”. Your A True Pro ! BTW Nice Tank ….

  14. Jim, nicely done! Everybody should build at least one Tiger tank.

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