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It’s a Hawg !!

August 18, 2017 in Aviation

This has been a big project !! Now with some touch up’s and a clear coat, (and the Hawg decals) they’ll be ready for the owners to install their equipment.

2 additional images. Click to enlarge

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10 responses to It’s a Hawg !!

  1. SHARP! Looks like ya gotta regular “assembly line” goin’ on there, Phil (at least magnifying glasses ain’t needed). 🙂

  2. Nice!! Don’t forget to cover your coffee.

  3. Nice to see some RC models! It is iModeler after all, not iPlasticModeler!

    • Painting these big RC planes it a challenge, and so is photographing them. I hope to attend their maiden flights and get some outdoor shots, and maybe some video. These three make seven that I’ve painted for the same builder, although two of them are going to other members of his RC club. A few dollars have been supplied for the project, as you can imagine, but all my work has been free. He has a kit for a Canadair CL 215 that he intends to build over the winter which should be fun to paint. Thanks Josh !!

  4. I agree with what Josh said……………………. I tinker with RC electric planes on occasion. It’s nice to see some RC stuff on here too. You do some really nice work…………………

    • Thanks Louis, glad you like ’em !! RC’s don’t not get photographed as often probably because they’re not “scale” with all the nice detail, etc. Painting them is good experience though, and when I get a request, it’s game on !! (I could paint rainbow whiskers on a cat if I had to.)

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