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1/48 Sukhoi Su-11

September 29, 2017 in Aviation

This is the recent Trumpeter kit. This project was just plain fun! I never thought we’d see a mainstream Fishpot, let alone three. Trumpeter has kitted the -9, -9UM, and the -11 that you see here. I was fascinated by this plane as a kid, when western intelligence would often misidentify it as a Mig-21 variant. Finally got a chance to build one!

It’s a pretty simple model of conventional design. The canopy is designed to be installed in the closed position, but I wanted it open. I scratchbuilt some details for the areas behind the seat and under the windscreen. I also used Eduard fabric seat belts for the KM-1 installed in the Mig-21, close enough. I painted it with Tamiya spray can TS-30 silver leaf and various Humbrol enamels. Kit decals were used, but I left off some of the smaller stencils because I think they would’ve just looked like cloudy little blemishes on the NMF.

9 additional images. Click to enlarge

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26 responses to 1/48 Sukhoi Su-11

  1. Beautiful build on a cold war classic, I agree with your stenciling John.

  2. Mighty fine loookin’ build, sir….nice work.

  3. Great job. With just over 100 aircraft built, one would never expect to see this aircraft in 1:48 let alone from a major kit maker

  4. Excellent work John. You are right, it does look very similar to a MiG-21. Love those Cold War era Soviet jet fighters. Look forward to seeing that YaK-28 built, now that is one THE coolest jets from the Cold War years!

  5. John, great to see one built, and done well.

  6. Definitely a cold war classic and hats off to Trumpeter. It may have been a simple build but your NMF finish looks great.

  7. Well done John, looks great

  8. Great job on the Fishpot. I got one of these so my ancient ESCI/OEZ Fitter will finally have some company! I also love that Trumpeter is bringing out the Cold War Soviet hardware!

    • Thanks Josh! I built that Esci Fitter way back when. I sprayed it with Testors chrome silver to make a Polish example. Took forever to dry! I have another in the stash that I’ll probably make as an Algerian or Egyptian Yom Kippur war participant.

      • I used Stainless metalizer on mine. A little darker than the aluminum for a slightly sinister look! I bought the Smer reissue to replace it as it’s over 25 years old and not in the greatest shape! (AND found out they did a 1/48 Su-22 as well. Been wanting one!)

        • A Polish company re-popped that -22 kit earlier this year and was selling them for a pittance direct from Poland. I’ve looked at reviews of the new Kitty Hawk and Hobby Boss kits and think KH is probably the way to go for one today.

          • Quite right, Smer is who released it. The outer wing panels are too fat to fit in the fixed inner portion in the swept position though, so I may get the HB Su-17. The front windscreen doesn’t look quite right, but some strategic painting will help hide it! I do like the OEZ Su-7 though. Massive sprue gates, but once everything is cleaned up it goes together rather well!

  9. Great build as usual John ! Thanks !

  10. Very nice! I like all the cold-war soviet aircraft, especially those that didn’t get as much attention like this one.

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