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1/72 Academy F-14A Tomcat

September 9, 2017 in Aviation

Not as good as I hoped for, not as bad as I expected. I used this model to practice preshading and weathering, in the end main screwup were stencils (silvering effect). It was also first time to apply PE parts in the cockpit. All in all I’m calling it done, Russian counterpart Su-27UB is already on the workbench.

Academy kit came to be pleasant and easy to assemble, parts fit well together. On the other hand cannopy was not ment to be opened with this kit and I wish there was option for extended flaps, but not bad for $16 kit.

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8 responses to 1/72 Academy F-14A Tomcat

  1. Well… looks like it turned out pretty well to ME, Boris – 🙂

  2. Boris, great comment (I’m gonna memorize that) “Not as good as I’d hoped for…” So say a bunch of us! I’ll give you credit for the quote. My other favorite is one from an IPMS Tidewater guy I heard at a show, “I’m just trying hard to be average.” Oh, yeah! I’m with Craig, it looks like a Tomcat, a GOOD Tomcat.

  3. It looks like a typical low-vis. scheme to me… nice and grungy.

  4. There’s an easy solution to the decal problem. Take a #11 X-axtor blade and slice slice slice the decals, slather solvent. Slather more. Let it set. The silvering (which comes from not putting enough solvent on to begin with and letting air bubbles form under the decal) will disappear.

  5. looks very good to me! Well done

  6. Thank you guys. I’d be satisfied if there wasn’t for this mistake with decals. Everything went fine on the right site, then I repeated the same procedure on the left side and there was this obvious silvering effect.

  7. Nice T-Cat Boris! Grey schemes are hard to make non-boring as it is, and you did a pretty good job dirtying this one up.

  8. Great paint work! It looks very convincing!

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