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Airfix 1:72 Spitfire

September 13, 2017 in Aviation

Had to take a hiatus to sell our house and move into an apartment until the new house is finished.
Got back to models with this great little gem. Haven’t set up an airbrush station yet so did all the painting by brush. Used AK interactive’s great RAF colors.

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13 responses to Airfix 1:72 Spitfire

  1. Outstanding build, Dennis…more so given the fact that it’s 1) brush painted and 2) a 72nd scale kit. Stellar job, sir….(“…I dont’ need no steenkin’ airbrush..”) – 🙂

  2. Dennis, beautifully done, and with the hairy stick! Favorite Spitfire of mine, with the”Stap me” Stapleton cartoon on it! Yoicks, sez I. In your eye, ‘itler!
    And a presentation aircraft, as well. Puts you in the period, one of my modeling goals.

  3. Great work Dennis. Wonderful paintjob which shows there is nothing wrong with the old paintbrush. By the way, 72nd scale is my prefered scale .

  4. Dennis – that’s a great-looking Spit! I don’t own an airbrush and brush paint all my 1/72 models, and it looks like the AK product worked well, with no brush strokes showing, etc. I don’t believe AK is water-thinned even though it is an acrylic – am I right? How did you find the AK paint to work with using a brush? I usually stick with Vallejo Model Color, but am always looking for alternatives that have good self-leveling properties.

    • Thanks Greg. AK uses an alcohol based thinner (see my reply to John below). I think they work well brushed on, thinned about 4:1 paint/thinner.
      How do you apply your paint? I use a nice flat brush to lay on 3 to 4 layers.

      • Same – use a flat shader brush, thin paint and usually 2 to 3 layers, with some touch up as needed. Sometimes I can still see some faint thin spots in the direction of airflow (which I paint in), but knowing my weathering will usually hide it, I stop with as few coats of paint as possible, to leave me as much panel line and other detail to work with as possible.

  5. Great brush painting. What do you thin AK with?

  6. Very neat job, Dennis. You may not have your spray booth set up yet but your photography seems pretty good.

  7. Brush painted you say? excellent work.

  8. Nicely done Dennis, looks good.

  9. Another fantastic job my friend!

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