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Choices… Choices…

September 19, 2017 in Automotive

I’ll be receiving these three models in the next couple of days. I am putting this out there for you viewers of this page to make the choice as to which one should be built first. I will include a full write-up upon completion. Lets see those suggestions!!!!!

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13 responses to Choices… Choices…

  1. I, for one, would like to see just how you can work your magic on a Snap-Tite kit. 🙂

  2. In the U.K. the Yamaha RZ was marketed as the RD250 LC and was probably the first 250 to really do 100mph on command every time ,it was popular here because you could ride it on L plates that is to say as a learner driver before you passed your test and so was an object of desire bordering on lust to every red blooded lad of a whole generation.There was also the much better 350cc version ,the most obvious difference being the addition of a second disc brake and the ability to exceed 110mph and acceleration like it was fired from a giant rubber band,In my opinion you should build the RZ,forget about that snaptite thing.
    Can’t wait that little LC finished
    Cheers N.

  3. Got to be the RZ 250 Harry.
    Water cooled two stoke an iconic Yamaha !

  4. If it weren’t for the Snap Tite label. I
    d say Harley.

    However, the RZ250 gets my vote.

    (I’d actually like to see all 3!)

  5. I’d build the Soft Tail ………… but I’m prejudiced for all Harley stuff, and because it looks a lot like my old Harley “Fire Fighter” special edition Fat Boy. They were in the same family of bikes. If you put a Fat Boy front end on it in place of the springer and swapped out the rear fender you would have my old bike, color and all.

    I’ve looked at some of your builds and I’m sure you could do wonders with it, “snap-tite” and all………….

    In High School I had a buddy who had a Yamaha RZ 250. It was white with red / black (or orange / black) trim colors if memory serves me. That would be my second choice.

  6. I think Tamiya have just re-released the RZ250 with updated decals by Cartograf, not sure which version yours is, but it’s the one that gets my vote.

  7. I see a Harley. You said there were two other choices….?

  8. But, …. but, …… but, …… where’s the wings????? ;>)

    I’d go for the Harley!!

  9. Harley, Harley, Harley, … (the engine sounds like this when running)

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