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Empress’ Dragoons Officer (1/35 scale)

September 8, 2017 in Figures

Here’s another project I finished not too long ago that I wanted to share with you all. It’s a 1/35 (54mm) Napoleonic figure from Pegaso, an Officer from the Empress’ Dragoons. I experimented with a couple different effects on this piece. The yellow/gold lace on the uniform would be metallic thread, but using metallic paints felt wrong. So I tried to achieve a metallic-like effect using just matte colors with varying levels of success (I think the braid on the front turned out the best). I also attempted to create the look of a glossy black on the boots and horsehair helmet crest using just matte colors. I’ve very pleased with how that turned out and plan to use it on a variety of other projects.

I included some progress photos at the end showing how the piece came together. The base was scratch built. I used juweela bricks for the column and an etched brass gate from ScaleLink (a UK site). You can see the stones in the column were painted in several different colors to produce a final result with a bit of variation (and not one looking artificially too uniform). All painting on the figure was done with acrylics, though some dry pigments were used for weathering on the base.

Thanks for taking a look!

8 additional images. Click to enlarge

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18 responses to Empress’ Dragoons Officer (1/35 scale)

  1. Exquisite figure painting (dunno how ya do it)….masterful detail work! Wow!

  2. Excellent!
    Your experiment when painting the gold lace turned out very well, I think.
    The same goes for the boots.

  3. Excellent detailed painting.

  4. You’ve really made him look the part, whoever dreamed up the original uniform must have had a vivid imagination.

  5. great figure modelling, truly impressive.

  6. Master Modeler.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  7. Wonderfull David congratulations!

  8. Hi David,

    Exellent 🙂


  9. I want to reach out and feel the fur on his hat! Just amazing!

  10. The only thing this froggie is missing is a bullet hole in his chest! He certainly looks arrogant enough to be a froggie cavalryman. 🙂

    Really nice work here, sir.

  11. Excellent – I admire what you figure folks do to bring characters to life!

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