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Here’s two I prepared earlier…

September 13, 2017 in Aviation

Both are TAMIYA 1/48 scale kits.
1. The P-47D “Pride O’ Dogpatch” is actually the P-47M kit as it has the fin-fillet. Decals by AeroMaster.
2. The P-51D “Madam Wham-Dam” is a VLR Mustang based at Iwo Jima. The a/c was lost before the long-range homing radar modifications were added. Decals by AeroMaster.
The two bases were home-painted by my wife Sharyn – who is a folk-art painter.
And, thanks for the add to this modeling group.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge

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7 responses to Here’s two I prepared earlier…

  1. Welcome and great looking models

  2. Welcome aboard, John (and Sharyn)…nice work on both builds AND the bases. Would like to see more pics of each if you get a chance – you DID take more than one or two pics, didn’t ya? lol
    You simply have to click on “edit article” and insert any additions (or deletions) and ‘save changes’. Looking forward to more of your stuff.

  3. What a tease – not enough pics!! Looks very nice from what I can see.

  4. Great job on both builds, nice to see a pacific Mustang. welcome to the site.

  5. Welcome to iModeler, your models look great, but some more pictures wouldn’t go amiss.

  6. Two wonderful models. Great work and also for the two bases, very well done. And welcome to iModeler.

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