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HSS-1N Seabat

September 7, 2017 in Aviation

Following on from my liking of the Westland Wessex I thought I’d go back to the original Sikorsky design and its use by the US Navy. I really like modelling Fleet Air arm aircraft, but also have a soft spot for US Navy types as well.

The base model is the Hobbyboss UH-34A Choctaw model, which in itself is a worthy rival to the Italeri/Revell versions. The kit makes up very well and to my eye looks accurate enough.

The colour scheme is one found in Printscales H-34 decal release as the kit version is really lacking in maintenance stencils, so typical of the type is US service.

Overall I very happy with the completed model and glad to share.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge

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13 responses to HSS-1N Seabat

  1. Great job, Mark! Your finish and build are excellent. Do you know that the US insignia is upside-down?

    • I do now!
      Horrified that made such a basic mistake and stunned that not noticed until now. Had cause to check other US marked models and relieved to find this model the only one with such a poohbah.

  2. Beautiful job on that….love that scheme (I know you’ll fix the insignia) – LOL

  3. Very nice build. The Hobbyboss UH-34 is a nice model indeed and I like the version you made very much.

  4. Looks great – I just turned my head upside down and didn’t even notice the insignia thing… 🙂

  5. The Wessex is probably my favourite helicopter (not least because I had some “air experience” in one while in the RAF) and this definitely looks like a Wessex. I think you’re right about the navy colour schemes, this one looks very smart.

  6. Very nice Mark, always liked the old beast, looks nice when its built well, as this is. Well done !

  7. many thanks all and will be attending to the US insignia promptly.

  8. Great job! Have got the Italeri kit in the stash, what grey paint did you use?

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