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MiG-15 UTI, Iraq Air Force / HobbyBoss 1:72 /

September 11, 2017 in Aviation

MiG-15 is a very popular plane, so common for Warsaw Pact countries. Almost 18,000 were produced, but mostly MiG-15 is associating with overall silver look. I decided to break that and choose some unusual paint scheme for my model. Decals for Iraq Air Force from Saddam Hussein era were added to HobbyBoss kit. Rather is immposible to determine exacly look of that plane, becouse non of photos from service time could be find. Any way, in my opinion model should has weathered, exploited colors of camouflage due to exploatation in desert conditions. To achive that I used some strong highlights of base colors and thick oils washes. Model is almost build out of the box, I just added some scratches in cockpit. I like to place my models in context of proper place and time, so I did a little vignette that present a edge of concret runway somwhere at Iraq’s desert.

Hope You gonna enjoy my first article at iModeler,
Regards from Poland!

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24 responses to MiG-15 UTI, Iraq Air Force / HobbyBoss 1:72 /

  1. Bartek, I think this is a first rate piece of modeling. I love the colour scheme, the weathering looks great (the Mig looks really baked in the Iraqi sun), and the base looks just brilliant. A lovely marriage of technical skill and artistry. Bravo!

  2. Welcome to iModeler, Bartek…you will no doubt enjoy it here. Nicely done Mig (along with that base, I might add)…. especially in that scale. And a two-place version as well – something we don’t see very much. Good work, sir.

  3. Bartek, welcome! Great to see the UTI, for a change. It has a certain character, with that bulbous canopy. It changes the look of the aircraft.

  4. Hi Bartek, and welcome onboard at iModeler. This MiG is a fine piece of modeling and the “worn” condition makes it all the more interesting. Well done

  5. Very well done. Just enough weathering and a very nice finish. A good looking model!

  6. Welcome, Bartek. Inspiring modeling and photography.

  7. Hello Bartek,
    My compliments on the build and the paint job.
    Regards,Dirk / The Netherlands.

  8. Excellent workmanship! Love the scheme and the weathering – I especially like the tonal quality you achieved on the underside. I think I have this kit in my stash – you’ve set a high bar…!

  9. I like it, too!
    The placement of the model on an appropriate base is a very good idea! Excellent work and thanks for sharing. Waiting for the next one…

  10. Well done! Welcome to iModeler.

  11. Excellent build! including the base! and welcome.

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