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Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero Fighter

September 8, 2017 in Aviation

This is my first attempt at a Japanese aircraft. This fighter belonged to 204 Fighter Group
Rabaul 1943. I tried my best on the camouflage
I hope you like it


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9 responses to Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero Fighter

  1. Looks like it turned out rather well to me. 72nd scale?

  2. Pretty good job with the squiggles! They are not easy to replicate.

  3. looks good! Your braver then me, I’ve an Macchi 202 with a similar scheme, I’m staying away from.

  4. Tom, unbelievable dappling! I’ve gotta ask, how long did that take you, and are your eyes now back to normal?

  5. It took me one day and I’m blind lol



  6. Amazing, hope you can see again now!

  7. Well done, Thomas! First time with the Japanese planes turned out well. Great hand-painted camo. It looks like time well spent.

  8. Gents thanks for kind remarks


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