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Pilatus PC 6 1/32 scale scratch build

September 6, 2017 in Aviation

I have posted some more progress pics of the Pilatus, I have installed the scratch built cargo pallet with drums and jerry cans, and installed the roof, I needed to shape the roof to get the fit ok. Hope you like it so far.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge

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11 responses to Pilatus PC 6 1/32 scale scratch build

  1. Hey Greg, thanks a mil, I keep posting in the wrong place, I think sniffing glue has had a effect on me………….

  2. As long as it s on imodeler it surely fits! Great job, following with interest Marc.

  3. Great build! I’m standing in awe of your talent!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nice work, Marc…I wouldn’t even know where to start a completely “scratch-built” model. 🙁

  5. Very neat work, Marc, looking forward to seeing the finished model.

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