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Rafale C n°125 “2-30 Normandie Niemen”

September 10, 2017 in Aviation


I present you my last model. This is the Hobbyboss 1/72 Dassault Rafale C.
I wanted to represent the Rafale n ° 125 seen in March 2017.
It is my first acrylic model. The pilot is from PJ production with a modified helmet. Some metal wires and stretched plastic are used to simulate cables and brake lines. The noze and the windscreen are modified. I used for this purpose the excellent decals SYH ART.
The rest is from of box.
The paints are from Gunze (306 +307).
I started it in april andi finished it at the end of august.

Best regards,

Eric from France

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24 responses to Rafale C n°125 “2-30 Normandie Niemen”

  1. Good to see you back at the bench, Eric…it’s easy to see why it took as long as it did to complete the kit…a very nice result indeed. Nice work on the base as well.

  2. Very realistic, Eric. And despite of being just grey, it looks really cool.

    • Hi johannes,

      Thank you very much. It is true that after 1990 the planes are grey around the world but i hope after few acrylic build to be able to do shades… not 50 😉

      Thank you again,

      Best regards,

  3. really nice work! It’s hard to find hobby boss’s 72th rafale in complete. I heard good things of the kit before. how was that?

    • Hi,
      The kit is not bad at the first look but when i start it i see that the main gear leg are the navy type, the windscreen frame is too big and radar noze should be modified.
      you compare the plans and the model, it would miss 1 cm in width distributed between the fuselage and the wings…

      But finaly, i look like a Rafale 🙂


      • 1cm is huge gap.. but we know that theres no alternative instead of italeri’s old one..
        and your build looks already fine. I think ill put on my list this one too

        • Thank you very much.
          Yes it is a big difference but it really look like the real. For me it is the best and i have in project to do the navy model.
          The SYH ART decals are necessary because Hobby boss are really falst.
          Best regards,


  4. Euh I meant good looking Rafale

  5. Very nice! I’m impressed with the detail you stuck up the engine nozzles – lovely! 1/72 is my scale, and I love to see a well-executed model with some nice detail in that scale. Bravo.

  6. Very nice Eric. Great modelling.

  7. Gosh, that’s cool. Did you actually strengthen the undercarriage? I have an F-105 in my stash that will need the same I think (1/32 scale HB). How did you drill the hole straight through? Did you use a lathe? Best wishes, Michel.

  8. Beautifully done, Eric from France!

  9. Lovely neat build Eric, I like it!

  10. Thank you very much Richard 🙂


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